21 Ways That Helped Me Kill My Toxic EGO

Nadir Mahmood
3 min readJan 24, 2023
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Our toxic ego keeps us from reaching our maximum potential which is why it is paramount to shun it.

Here are 21 ways that helped me destroy my toxic ego.

1. Beginner’s Mindset

I try to adopt a beginner’s mindset even if I am doing something for a while. This way, I remain excited and enthusiastic.

2. Focus on the effort; not the outcome

I focus on the effort: not the outcome. This helps me avoid the frustration and anxiety of not getting desired results.

3. Purpose over Passion

I choose purpose over passion which helps me live a fulfilling life.

4. Face the Work

I try to shun the comfort of just talking and rather face the work. This approach makes me more focused and productive.

5. Focus on what matters

I focus on what matters to me and ruthlessly say no to everything else.

6. Manage Myself and Others

Managing myself and others helps me create a better teamwork environment.

7. Forget About Credit and Recognition

I try to forget about credit and recognition which helps me remain humble.

8. Connect with Nature and Universe

When feeling bored and fatigued, I try to connect with nature and the universe at large.

9. Alive Time over Dead Time

I choose to focus on alive time over dead time in my life. This helps me learn, act, and utilize every second.

10. Let Go out of Control and Accept Reality

I have learned in my life that there are many things that I can’t control. That is why I let go out of control and just accept reality the way it is.

11. Get Out of My Head

Whenever overthinking and judging others grip my mind, I try to get out of my head and begin to read, write or go for a walk.

12. Stop Digging

When I find myself in the hole I stop digging.

13. Not Deceived by Recognition, Money & Success

I try not to be deceived by recognition, money & success. This helps me stay sober.

14. Leave Entitlement at the door

I leave my entitlement at the door whenever I interact with others.

15. Choose Love

I choose to love and try to be kind to others, understand their perspectives, and stand up for their rights.

16. Mastery in Chosen Craft

I pursue mastery in my chosen craft which helps me become a pro.

17. Keep the Inner Scorecard

I keep my inner scorecard and try to hold my core values and beliefs. This allows me to do the right thing without thinking about what others think of me.

18. Stay a Student

I always try to stay a student and open to learning.

19. They Degrade themselves

I believe no one can degrade me; they degrade themselves. I know my worth.

20. Do Not Play Image Game

I try not to play an image game and focus on a higher purpose because conformity is the enemy of growth.

21. Focus on Effort

I try to focus on the effort, not the result.

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